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Have you ever tried to teach a kid something? And the kid keeps saying, "I know it"

But then you let the kid do it and they do it wrong

Right knowledge, wrong result

Maybe the kid can explain the process very well to you

But in the doing, things still end up in a mess

This is because there is a missing link

In the grownup life, we experience this too...

We know what we should do and the result we are expected to get from it

But then we do it and get a different result

And it is not because what we know is wrong. No, it's the right thing

It's just that we have habits and stereotypes that often hold us back from getting a better result

So, what is the solution?

The missing link between knowledge and result is repetition

Many times we believe we have gotten it when we read something once or listen once

But our habits don't change that fast. So when we implement something new, we can't even see the habitual thing we are doing wrong

Even when we see it, it still takes a while for us to stop it

That's because it is a subconscious habit

So, 2 things:

1. Take it easy on yourself. Even when you know all the good stuff, it will take a while to get the doing of it right

Your results will not match your actions immediately. But over time, if you stay consistent, you'll get it right

2. Repetition is the key.

In the past, I used to read many books and pride myself in how large my personal library is.

But recently, I read the same book for months. I have been reading the same book now for the last few months.

Why? Repetition is the key.

If you want to brag about how knowledgeable you are, listening once is enough...

But if you want to change your results, you listen again and again and again and again to the same thing. You don't stop until your result changes.

Let's assume you went to the gym yesterday to workout. Then today at the gym you see those dumbbells and you say, "nah, I already lifted these yesterday. I know how to lift these"

Would there be any change in your body? No!

Repetition produces results

There is hardly any important money concept that I haven't shared publicly on the internet already - in an article or book

So, you'll probably not hear me say anything new or novel about money you have read almost everything I have written in the last 3 years

But those who gets results are not those who know already. Instead, they are those who apply the principle of repetition

Just thought to clarify that for you.

My most important lessons on money and success is packaged in this Money Mastery Audio Course.

It is just packaged for the purpose of repetition for those who want results, and not merely knowledge

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Money Mastery: The Audio Experience

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