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You can choose to live in a permanent bull economy regardless of what is going on in the outside world.

This is the greatest discovery in personal finance — you can choose to live in whatever economy you wish to. And that is not some pep talk. The economic state of your country affects you because you listen to them.

Money Mastery: The Audio Experience is designed to get you to listen to the right things to create abundance and prosperity for yourself regardless of what is happening around you.

Your Economy is in Words, Not Figures

If you listen to the news, you are setting yourself up to experience things that are in alignment with the news. It is this simple.

Most people feel a sense of responsibility to listen to the news. They think they are being responsible.

They feel they have to know what is going on in the country and around the world. And that just proves they are taking the position of a spectator.

If you want to look for excuses for why you are unsuccessful, you will find. And you will find very good ones. Everybody has an excuse like that.

Successful people push forward despite them. Unsuccessful people are looking for justification for their economic condition. And they will find it in the news.

The government and central banks indeed hold a lot of power concerning finances. But on a personal level, each person holds the ultimate power on their financial condition.

But because most people don't know this, they give up their control to the media narratives.

The personal economy of each person is not in figures. The figures (meaning, how much you have in your bank account) reflect the result of your economy.

Your economy is basically your vocabulary.

This is why when people watch the news and hear about all the bad things going on in the economy, they are programmed to struggle financially.

The media tells them that they have to struggle because things aren't going well with the government.

This is not a conscious manipulation. If it were, people would reject it. But this is on a subconscious level.

You find people picking their vocabulary from the media. And that is not the vocabulary of wealthy people.

Change What You Listen to. Don't be a Spectator

95% of our daily behavior is from our subconscious mind. It is like a recorded program that we are playing daily.

This means you can consciously desire to be rich but subconsciously be scared of being different from everybody else.

The main problem people have with becoming rich is not on the conscious level. It is deep in the subconscious.

You can't have the money without being the person. And you have to be the person first because the money always comes after (not before).

Choosing to be rich is deciding to be in the driver's seat of your life.

Most people are not in the driver's seat of their lives. They allow outside circumstances to control their behavior.

Some would argue that their outside circumstance is not controlling their behavior. But that is not for you to say.

If you tell me what (and who) you read, watch, and listen to all day, I can tell whether you are growing financially or sinking. It is that simple.

You can come up with any fancy idea in your conscious mind. But it is what you feed your subconscious that will carry you.

If you want to live a permanent bull economy, you must not be among those who sit by the sidelines to watch. You must be on the pitch.

There will be policies and changes in the financial structure. The spectators can't do anything about it and are at the mercy of circumstances.

But actors can take counteraction that even puts them in more favorable positions.

Upgrade Your Money Vibration

Regular people are always thinking about how to cut down spending when things get tough.

But that is the lazy option. That only makes people poorer.

And the right answer isn't to increase spending or to keep spending the same.

The right answer is to make more money! When times get hard, rich people (who are still active in the game) make more money.

But most people don't know how to make money because they have been listening to the wrong things.

The subconscious impact of cutting costs and becoming more tightfisted is that you will naturally project that behavior on anyone that is buying from you.

The result of that in business is profound — no matter the words coming out of your mouth, the other person will pick your vibration or feeling.

And they will respond to you according to the feeling they picked from you.

Creating Your Own Economy

The first step in creating your own economy is to decide who you will stop listening to. It is a very important step.

Even if you are going to start listening to the right people, you won't go far if you still listen to the wrong people.

Becoming super successful is not hard. But it is very uncomfortable.

Consider the people who have lived their lives the way you are living yours, look at the way they have turned out. Is that what you want?

This is important because your life will turn out the same way if you keep living that way.

If you want your life to be special, then you have to do something special.

If you plant an orange seed, you will get an orange fruit, not apples. You cannot imbibe the habits of poor people and get rich.

If you get a sudden windfall of money that way, it will vanish as fast as it appeared. That kind of luck always ends in bad luck.

Choose your words. Choose your association. Don't be an onlooker.

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  • 5 Money Mastery Lesson audios + 5 Audio Book Chapters (+ intro)
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