The Financial Confidence Pack

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This course includes 39 fresh insights on money, financial success, the economy, business, psychology, and inspiration for 2023 (and beyond).

It is raw, candid, and enlightening

It is one of those courses where you listen to 2 of the 39 insights more than 100 times and there are 11 insights that you have not even opened yet

There are some timely insights in here but this is mostly filled with timeless insight. So, don’t feel the need to listen to everything all at once. The topics addressed in here include:


  • Introduction to 2023
  • #1 marketing tactic (ft. Amazon)
  • 2023 economic predictions
  • The zero tolerance policy
  • Abundance of money
  • How to set a selling price
  • 3 goals for your first in-person event
  • Becoming a billionaire
  • The greatest sales secret
  • Believe
  • How to stop procrastination
  • Life’s biggest secret
  • 3 ways to figure out what to sell
  • Matching to success
  • Better than competing
  • When life gives you lemons
  • Building a success foundation
  • Confidence to do anything
  • Multiple sources of income
  • Coping with distractions
  • 3 ways to raise money
  • Developing a money-making mind
  • When people don’t know they need your service
  • Pricing strategies
  • Don’t talk like this
  • See abundance for yourself
  • When you don’t know what to focus on
  • Following your intuition
  • 3 ways to supercharge your brand
  • Starting from scratch
  • When you need to be pushed
  • For the fun
  • High yield investments for 2023
  • How to create a personal financial statement
  • 3 ways to take advantage of your coach
  • Starting from zero
  • How to get paid more
  • The biggest wealth breakthrough trait
  • Easiest marketing strategy ever

Enjoy :)

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39 lessons (38 audio + 1 presentation video) on a range of topics that pertains to financial confidence


The Financial Confidence Pack

0 ratings
I want this!