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Bitcoin Basic Investing Course

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During the bitcoin market flash crash of 2021, a lot of people around me lost money. These are people I wouldn’t think they would buy bitcoin. But they did

And the reason is that when the bulls come in strong, everybody wants to join the party. But that is the exact time to be cashing in and taking profits

This is why I created this course. There is a way the game is played. I have been in the crypto ecosystem since 2017 and I have seen a lot;

  • as an investor
  • as an analyst
  • as someone who got paid in crypto regularly
  • as someone who worked in the crypto industry
  • and as someone whose job is to take an in-depth look at cryptocurrency projects

There is a lot to unpack about the industry, but I have summed up the insights about basic bitcoin investing in this course

This course doesn’t just show you the best practices of bitcoin investing, it also explains the why behind it. In fact, the purpose is to explain the why, so that you can be the master of your own fate

This is not financial advice, rather it is a financial strategy and perspective that can remove a lot of heartaches out of investing in bitcoin. And the focus here is on bitcoin.

Here are the lessons included:

1 – Introduction

2 – The big why

3 – The 3 assumptions for bitcoin investing

4 – The 3 ways to make money from bitcoin

5 – What is bitcoin

6 – The 3 positions of the bitcoin market

7 – Crypto trading’s best kept secret

8 – Biggest mistake of crypto investors

9 – The buy and hodl flaw

10 – Strategy X (when to buy bitcoin)

11 – Strategy Y (when to sell bitcoin)

12 – When to consider other cryptocurrencies

13 – The 2017-2018 story

14 – Will bitcoin hit $1m?

15 – Financial wisdom

16 – Cautions

17 – Outro

I hope you become enlightened by this and recommend it to your friends.

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17 audio lessons on a bitcoin investing strategy and the rationale behind it


Bitcoin Basic Investing Course

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